The Origin of Touch

2018 - ongoing

“The Origin of Touch” is a raw inquiry into the phenomenon of consciousness, and a negotiation between inside and outside, macrocosm and microcosm: a confrontation without a fixed result. As a child, I remember standing in front of a mirror and looking into my own eyes until the world around me tilted. The harder I tried to understand my own being, the more I was pushed out of my body, and the further away I felt from an answer. My own reflection became an alien, and I was thrown into limbo, until my body suddenly sucked me back in. Here, I take an emotional and philosophical approach to explore what science is not yet able to explain. We are created from one touch, and the need to touch and to be touched is therefore embedded in all our thoughts and actions, and in our search for answers. I am this child again, gathering stones from the river. I compile shards of places I find, making an associative collection, and rearrange them to a new, fictional space, something that does not exist until we create it.

Within this work, the image becomes a substitute for the emerging consciousness, and the camera turns into a womb, repeating and expanding the maternal touch: like us, the image is born from light touching darkness, and, like an echo, photography is re-enacting this process of creation.
I project an immaterial inside onto a corporeal exterior, altering the shared reality in front of the apparatus: The flash of the camera makes an unseen inner space visible for a short second, and creates a door between the worlds, which simultaneously becomes a body. This metaphorical body is opened up by the viewer, dissected by the gaze, and put together anew, in order to search what cannot be found. A passage is opened for a moment, leading through skin and surface, into the beyond.

Selected for Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2019