When I was young
I attempted to dissolve
But Instead

I materialized

An Omen is an object or sight indicating eventual notions of the future. It is subject to interpretation and deeply dependent on personal belief and experience. Formed by what has been done and happened to us, our minds act as a filter, registering what is connected to our threads of thought with a special emphasis.

Through my own filter, I have encountered the same reoccurring symbols over different periods of time, subjectively often pointing to disruptive events in fore- or hindsight. With a strong autobiographical influence, the stream of images explores the relationship between subjective and objective reality, as well as the interaction between the own bodily entity and the surrounding environment. The visuals are interwoven, evoking a story which transforms into smoke when attempting to retell it.

The book has 48 pages and consists of 22 photographs.
It was published in an edition of 13 and is sold out.