I will be part of Fotofestiwal Łódź 2017!

From 1st to 11th of June 2017 my work will be shown at this year's edition of Fotofestiwal Łódź in the group show "TRASH CANS FOR HEARTS AND PEOPLE HAVE NO SOUL", curated by Augustin Rebetez. From 1st to 4th of June I will also attend the festiwal personally.

You can find more information about the show here!

(Video by Marvin Best)

"Of course the universe is infinite and everything is art.
Also, I wish I could have created all the images presented in this exhibition.
 Instead, I decided to adopt them as if they were all part of my work.
 I chose pictures which resonate with my interests. Teeth, fires, distorted bodies, combinations of new rituals, half way between animality and transhumanism.
 Mysterious and dark landscapes, discoloured but creative installations, doors for dreams, windows for disturbing stories, epileptic flow of images, powerful nights and beliefs in the heart.
 All these images are rich and beautiful because they are aesthetically attractive, contemporary and creatively innovative.
They are all the result of a pure artistic vision. What this show expresses is elusive.
There is no topic, but this exhibition is paradoxically complete, heartful and homogeneous.
All gathered here, these images take on a new meaning, which it is up to you to detect and feel.
 These images have the colour of the soul, as long as there is one."  - Augustin Rebetez