All dreams continue in the beyond - Group Show (Berlin)

4th June – 30th July 2016; Opening SATURDAY 4th June 20:30

Exhibiting: Darkam Eugenia Monti, Marco Rea, Sergio Pastore, Gianluca Gambino, Bella Harris, Elena Helfrecht, Pasquale de Sensi, Raquel Weiße, Pelin Santilli, Bilal Bahir, Bambi Kramer, Giacomo Merkic, Skawager – SKWG, Yagama, Vacon Sartirani, Augustin Rebetez, Aqua Aura and Gwen Guégan

Curator: Luisa Catucci

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"In the Oxford dictionary Dreams are defined as: a series of thoughts, images, and sensations occurring in a person’s mind during sleep.

Although dreams have been a topic of scientific speculation, as well as a subject of philosophical and psychological interest during all ages of history, their content and purpose are yet not definitively understood. In modern times, dreams have been seen as a connection to the unconscious mind and the emotional, but every single culture on Earth, during all ages of history, has develop it’s own relation with them, assigning them different roles and powers.
And still they make us wonder.
And still they are able to unsettle us.
And still they are able to surprise us.
And still they are able to move us.
Dreams can have varying natures: frightening, exciting, magical, melancholic, adventurous, erotical and often a mixture of all this. Seeing their they volatile and mystical nature, it seems quite natural that dreams are a huge source of inspiration for artists. So we invited 15 artists, coming from various disciplines, as video, photography, painting, installation, and music, to present artworks strictly related to their dreams, considering all of their type: good dreams, nightmares and even lucid dreaming. The aim is to explore the various images and emotions that a dream presents and evokes, while not attempting to come up with a single unique dream view: each person has his or her own dream language. A voyeuristic journey in somebody else’s imaginative subconscious."