There is strong shadow where there is much light - Exhibition in Berlin

There is Strong Shadow where there is much light - Tales from Europe (with love)

Exhibiting: Luisa Catucci /// Elena Helfrecht /// Skłodowska Marta 

12th June – 24th July, Cell63 - Allerstr 38, 12049 Berlin

 The Berliner art platform Cell63 invites you to join its wonderland of mystical tales visualized by the wicked storytellers Elena Helfrecht (Germany), Luisa Catucci (Italy) and Marta Sklodowska (Poland). The echo of an untuned piano in a big, empty house. Ghosts coming in darkness to our bed. Forgotten Goddess caressing your hairs in your sleep whispering in your ears protecting litanies. Three woman from three different countries, picking from three different traditions, using three different medias to drown you into the feminine side of the Europeans mystic tales. This exhibition will showcase a series of artworks which inevitably present their beholders with narratives that frequently cause mixed feelings and which are often perceived differently by each individual. In many cases beauty, romance,melancholy, dismay and curiosity are terms that come up at the same time when the works of these visual storytellers are being discussed.

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